The Video Mesh: A Data Structure for Image-based Three-dimensional Video Editing


2011 IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP), Pages 1-8


Jiawen Chen, Sylvain Paris, Jue Wang, Wojciech Matusik, Michael Cohen, Fredo Durand


This paper introduces the video mesh, a data structure for representing video as 2.5D “paper cutouts.” The video mesh allows interactive editing of moving objects and modeling of depth, which enables 3D effects and post-exposure camera control. The video mesh sparsely encodes optical ow as well as depth, and handles occlusion using local layering and alpha mattes. Motion is described by a sparse set of points tracked over time. Each point also stores a depth value. The video mesh is a triangulation over this point set and per-pixel information is obtained by interpolation. The user rotoscopes occluding contours and we introduce an algorithm to cut the video mesh along them. Object boundaries are rened with per-pixel alpha values. The video mesh is at its core a set of texture mapped triangles, we leverage graphics hardware to enable interactive editing and rendering of a variety of effects. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our representation with special effects such as 3D viewpoint changes, object insertion, depth-of- eld manipulation, and 2D to 3D video conversion.




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