Multi-Layered Automultiscopic Displays


Computer Graphics Forum 31(7-2), (Pacific Graphics) 2012


Nicola Ranieri, Simon Heinzle, Quinn Smithwick, Daniel Reetz, Lanny S. Smoot, Wojciech Matusik, Markus Gross


Our hybrid display model combines multiple automultiscopic elements volumetrically to support horizontal and vertical parallax at a larger depth of field and better accommodation cues compared to single layer elements. In this paper, we introduce a framework to analyze the bandwidth of such display devices. Based on this analysis, we show that multiple layers can achieve a wider depth of field using less bandwidth compared to single layer displays. We present a simple algorithm to distribute an input light field to multiple layers, and devise an efficient ray tracing algorithm for synthetic scenes. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach by both software simulation and two corresponding hardware prototypes.




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