3D TV: A Scalable System for Real-Time Acquisition, Transmission, and Autostereoscopic Display of Dynamic Scenes


ACM Transaction on Graphics (SIGGRAPH), Vol. 23,No. 3, pp. 814-824, August 2004


Matusik, W., H. Pfister, M. Brand, L. McMillan


Three-dimensional TV is expected to be the next revolution in the history of television. We implemented a 3D TV prototype system with real-time acquisition, transmission, and 3D display of dynamic scenes. We developed a distributed, scalable architecture to manage the high computation and bandwidth demands. Our system consists of an array of cameras, clusters of network-connected PCs, and a multi-projector 3D display. Multiple video streams are individually encoded and sent over a broadband network to the display. The 3D display shows high-resolution (1024 × 768) stereoscopic color images for multiple viewpoints without special glasses. We implemented systems with rear-projection and front-projection lenticular screens. In this paper, we provide a detailed overview of our 3D TV system, including an examination of design choices and tradeoffs. We present the calibration and image alignment procedures that are necessary to achieve good image quality. We present qualitative results and some early user feedback. We believe this is the first real-time end-to-end 3D TV system with enough views and resolution to provide a truly immersive 3D experience.



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