Two papers to be presented at SIGGRAPH 2023


Members of the CDFG will be presenting two papers at SIGGRAPH 2023, on the topic of procedural graph representations for 2D textures and 3D metamaterials, respectively.

Beichen Li will present his journal paper, “End-to-End Procedural Material Capture with Proxy-Free Mixed-Integer Optimization”, which was done in collaboration with CDFG members Liang Shi and Wojciech Matusik.

Liane Makatura will also present her TOG 2023 paper, “Procedural Metamaterials: A Unified Procedural Graph for Metamaterial Design”, which was a collaboration between CDFG members Bohan Wang, Bolei Deng, and Wojciech Matusik, and IST Austria researchers Yi-Lu Chen, Chris Wojtan, and Bernd Bickel.

Congratulations to all of the authors, and we look forward to sharing these works with you soon!


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