Papers accepted to ICRA and RAL 2021


CDFG member Jie Xu’s paper Multi-Objective Graph Heuristic Search for Terrestrial Robot Design has been accepted to ICRA 2021. In this paper, Jie and CDFG members Andrew Spielberg and Allan Zhao present efficient methods for co-designing rigid terrestrial robots’ control and morphology (including discrete topology) with multiple objectives. Jie will be presenting this work at ICRA 2021 in June.

CDFG member Tao Du’s paper Underwater Soft Robot Modeling and Control with Differentiable Simulation has been accepted to IEEE RA-L. In this work, Tao, Josie Hughes, and CDFG UROP student Sebastien Wah demonstrate the power of a differentiable simulator in the task of planning the motion and narrowing the reality gap of a real-world, starfish-like soft robot. The paper will be online in the incoming weeks.


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