Paper accepted to Advanced Intelligent Systems


Andrew Spielberg’s paper A Simple, Inexpensive, Wearable Glove with Hybrid Resistive‐Pressure Sensors for Computational Sensing, Proprioception, and Task Identification has been published in Advanced Intelligent Systems. In this paper, Andy and his collaborators from Professor Daniela Rus’ lab presented a fully soft, wearable glove which is capable of real‐time hand pose reconstruction, environment sensing, and task classification. The design is easy to fabricate using low cost, commercial off‐the‐shelf items in a manner that is amenable to automated manufacturing. The system can reconstruct user hand pose and identify sensory inputs such as holding force, object temperature, conductability, material stiffness, and user heart rate, all with high accuracy. Check out this article at Advanced Science News to see more exciting applications unlocked by this new technology!


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